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Hey Everyone,

A young man came to the Greek philosopher, Socrates, and said, “I have come 1,500 miles to gain wisdom and learning.  I want learning so I came to you.” 

Socrates said,     “Come follow me.”  He led the way down to the seashore.  They waded out into the water until they were up to their waists and then Socrates seized his companion and forced his head under the water.  In spite of his struggles, Socrates held him under.

          Finally, when most of his companion’s resistance was gone, Socrates laid him out on the shore and returned to the market place.  When the visitor had regained his strength, he returned to Socrates to learn the reason for this behavior.  Socrates said to him, “When you were under the water, what was the one thing you wanted more than anything else?”

 “I wanted air”

          Then Socrates said, “When you want knowledge and understanding as badly as you wanted air, you won’t have to ask anyone to give it to you!” 

          What is the one thing YOUR WANT more than anything else?  This Sunday, after celebrating communion, we will learn what GOD’S PASSION is and what our passion CAN BE, if we allow God’s heart to become our heart!!

God bless and can’t wait to see you Sunday at 10:00am!!

Pastor Eric

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