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Hey Everyone,

            Don’t you appreciate people who have excellence as a goal?  In the realm of sports, we love (and spend big money) watching the best athletes in the world perform at the highest level (I think of the Olympics, the World Cup, the World Series or the Super Bowl).  In the world of art, we are amazed by someone who can arrange colors on a white piece of canvas in such a way that it captures an emotion or an expression that lasts for the ages.  We are lifted by excellent music (like our worship team), where different instruments and a wide range of voices all combine together to create a beautiful melody and express feelings in a way we never could on our own.  Who hasn’t been affected by the standard of excellence offered by the world’s most valuable company: Apple Corporation? 

             Knowing that we all love excellence, does it surprise you to know that the Bible calls us to live a life of excellence (1 Thess. 4:1, 10)?  This Sunday, after sharing communion and worshiping together, we will find out what the Bible means when it calls us to excellence and two specific ways to be excellent in today’s culture!!  Please come join us!!

God bless and can’t wait to see you Sunday at 10:00am!!

Pastor Eric

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