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Addressing the ROOT of the PROBLEM!!

Hey Everyone,

            Last week, we spoke about the impact of SIN on our planet.  The result is that because of sin and evil, nothing is perfect in this world.  You’re not perfect; I’m not perfect.  No relationship is perfect.  Things don’t work properly.  Everything and everyone is damaged.  This coming Sunday, at 10:00am, we are going to look at the solution to the world’s problems.  We will share SIX very popular “band-aid’s” for today’s problems and then we will see God’s solution, which is the only solution that deals with the ROOT of the problem rather than merely the SYMPTOMS of the problem.  As you know from gardening; if you simply cut a weed with scissors, the weed grows right back.  The key is to get the weed out by the root.  It’s the same with the problems we face!  Join us this Sunday as we learn how GOD addressed the ROOT of the problem!

            On another important note: tomorrow is a WORK DAY!  We need EVERYONE WE CAN GET to help us sheet rock in the youth center (bring a drill, Philip’s head driver, tape measure and sheet rock cutter - if you have them). 

We also are in tremendous need of people to help us put rocks on the landscape fabric.  We will have TWO tractors bring the stone to the “rain gardens”, but we need people to help place the stone on the fabric.  This is NOT a highly skilled labor kind of job; it simply takes some time.  Please come help us (bring gloves and a rake if you have one).  Most people will start around 9am, but the tractors will be running an hour or so before that if you are an early riser and want to get some work done before the heat kicks in!

God bless and can’t wait to see you tomorrow at 9am for the work day and Sunday at 10:00am for worship!!


Pastor Eric

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