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Hey Everyone,

      A young couple sat across the table from me.  It was

their last pre-marital counseling session before they were to

be married.  We were just ready to close in prayer, when the

bride-to-be asked a very deep question

She had seen so many of her friends jump into marriage

full of joy and excitement, only to have deep heartache later.  With a trace of fear in her voice, she began, “We both feel so ‘in love’ right now.  But how can we keep our love alive through all the stresses, pressures and struggles of  married life in the 21st century?”   

      On Sunday, I will be sharing with you the answer I gave

this couple.  The Bible gives us FOUR choices we need to

make, to keep love “alive”.  I will be sharing these four

choices this Valentine’s Day Sunday.  If you ever plan to

 marry or are already married, I would make sure you are

there at 10:00am sharp to worship the Lord (which will tie

into one of the four qualities) and then to learn about these

four decisions.  In fact, I would not even DATE someone,

unless these four Biblical qualities are present!!   

      At the end of the teaching, I will give any couple who is

interested,  an opportunity to either publically or privately

renew their vows! 

It may be cold outside, but it will be very warm with

God’s love inside Living Hope Church!!

God bless and can’t wait to see you Valentine’s Day Sunday!


Pastor Eric

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